Test Event: Women In the Black – Who’s the Boss

On June 9, I attended the first event since deciding to move forward with the I AM WOMAN project. I was hoping to test my new lenses on women there. Throughout the day eight women agreed to be photographed for my project and I filmed one in one of the best I AM WOMAN introduction videos to date. The Women in Black: Who’s the Boss Women’s Business Conference was the first of several events I attended this summer in an eveffort to go where BlackWomen were congreegated and ask for their time and paricipation in order to share our collective experiences with the world. Learn more about Women in Black below.

Women in Black was a great jump start to my I AM WOMAN.

Portraits taken of attendees at the Who’s the Boss? event in Harlem, NY on June 9, 2018.




Women In The Black New York Inc. is a Harlem based entrepreneurial organization created for the purpose of educating, training and supporting women business owners.  Women In The Black is committed to educating and equipping women with the skills and resources necessary to start, build, lead and grow successful small businesses in their communities, primarily in the New York metropolitan area.


We are committed to strengthening our communities through fostering the growth of women owned businesses and promoting entrepreneurial excellence through innovative programing, extended learning and networking.


Entrepreneurship provides freedom to explore your passion while creating an opportunity to build a best-in-class Business.  As entrepreneurship grows in this country women of color will account for the highest growth rate of all new entrepreneurs over the next decade.

While many will start low-entry, service and home based businesses they will continue to look for creative ways to enhance their business skill sets.  These women owned businesses create new jobs for both themselves and others while bringing a unique management style to their industries.


Studies show that women of color face increasing obstacles as business owners; limited resources, competing demands on their time and access to capital.  This greatly contributes to the underperformance and under capitalization of their businesses.


To provide women of color in underserved communities with the skill sets to open and build new businesses; to give them the encouragement to pursue non-traditional industries; to build a network of support around them to increase their business survival rates; and to highlight women business owners as an untapped important source.


• Independence

• Financial Literacy

• Increase Annual Revenue

• Create Employment Opportunities

• Build Legacy Businesses

Published by LaShawnda Jones

Life is a journey. We either pay attention to the signposts and embrace all the experiences we fall into or we don’t. With or without our attention, life goes on and things happen. So says, LaShawnda Jones, an author who writes with the intention of keeping her attention on her daily development, with a hope for being able to liver her tomorrow more fully. Recent publications by LaShawnda Jones are: My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My Journey; The Process of Asking for, Receiving and Giving Love & Forgiveness. Both are available for purchase on Barnes&Noble.com and Amazon.com.

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