Renata Del Carmen, Author & Entrepreneur

Jesus loves me so much He sent me you!!
This is beautiful. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into this. I am definitely sharing with my networks!
You have totally captured the essence of this project. I can’t thank you enough.
~ Renata Del Carmen, BOLD BLACK BEAUTIFUL Creator
BOLD BLACK BEAUTIFUL Participants (Group Shot). Renata Del Carmen is in front center.

Published by LaShawnda Jones

Life is a journey. We either pay attention to the signposts and embrace all the experiences we fall into or we don’t. With or without our attention, life goes on and things happen. So says, LaShawnda Jones, an author who writes with the intention of keeping her attention on her daily development, with a hope for being able to liver her tomorrow more fully. Recent publications by LaShawnda Jones are: My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My Journey; The Process of Asking for, Receiving and Giving Love & Forgiveness. Both are available for purchase on Barnes& and